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Paramine Community

This is our first product of hopefully many more to come. We hope to show others that working or studying for a professional degree, shouldn't stop you from being a creator or following your passion. Devin, our founder, went to work to bring together all types of creators through collaborations and started to design wallets based on inspiration from others. The following are some of the people we are working with, but more to come! 



Message from Devin: "Growing up in Hawaii and now going to college in Portland, I am always surrounded by water. You could either find me in the Pacific Ocean or in the PNW rain, but what bothered me the most was always having to worry about my wallet getting damaged. I explore a lot, going hiking or just chillin at the beach, so I decided to make the Paramine Wallet Collection. Though, I knew I couldn't create a business alone; and, also it wouldn't be as fun. So I reached out to creators as I travelled to NYC, Portland, Denver, Amsterdam, Hawaii, Sweden, California, finding other artist who would help inspire my designs and join me to launch this crazy project. Learn more here.  Plus, there is some magic in them 😉" 


Marketing Team


Dani Dela Cruz: Marketing Team Lead


Tiffanie Nguyen: Marketing

Outreach Team


Emily Sandoval: Outreach and Sales Team Lead

Content Producers


Austyn Queja: Content Producer / Hawaii


Keaton Averman: Content Producer / PNW

Sven Shoultz: Content Producer / PNW