What is the cost of the wallets?

We are finalizing on the cost and will release more information when we get closer to the KickStarter launch date of Aug 29th. 


How do I buy a wallet?

Once the Kickstarter launches on Aug 29th, 2018 you will be able to go directly on the Kickstarter site and be able to buy Paramine products. 

What are the dimensions and leather used?

Magic Wallet: 10.4cm x 7.6cm

Half Wallet: 7.7cm x 10.7cm

Leather: We are using a split leather in order to achieve maximum weather resistant durability. Our split leather contains a Polyurethane Coating over genuine cowhide leather that is specially made for the creators, hikers, adventurers, 9-5 professionals, and for the people who are always on the move. We created a diagram on our homepage for you to see how the technology works 

When will I receive the wallet?

Once the crowd funding campaign ends and is successful, we will be notifying our ready-to-go manufacture to start making our products.

What happens if the funding goal is not meet?

You will be fully refunded, but you won’t be able to receive a wallet.

How can I help?

Simply reposting on your story would be more than enough! :)

Any other questions?

Please contact us for any further questions?