What are the dimensions and leather used?

Magic Wallet: 10.4cm x 7.6cm

Half Wallet: 7.7cm x 10.7cm

Leather: We are using a split leather in order to achieve maximum weather resistant durability. Our split leather contains a Polyurethane Coating over genuine cowhide leather that is specially made for the creators, hikers, adventurers, 9-5 professionals, and for the people who are always on the move. We created a diagram on our homepage for you to see how the technology works 

What happens if my cash gets wet? 

Click here for a possible solution

What happens if my cards get wet?

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When will I receive the wallet?

We are using USPS ground shipping which take 2-10days depending on your location.

What happens if the funding goal is not meet?

Update: We met our goal! Check out our Kickstarter

How can I help?

Simply reposting on your social media channels would be more than enough! :)

Any other questions?

Please contact us for any further questions?