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Our Mission.

Hello there, we are Paramine 👋

On October 10th, 2019 we successfully surpassed our Kickstarter goal and sent out all orders a month in advance. WE ARE NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS. Our main headquarters is located in Portland, OR with our community growing all over the world.

We are students, developers, nurses, marketers, your normal 9-5 working professionals. But that doesn’t stop us from doing the things we love, like filming, modeling, painting, you name it, and for the longest time we wanted to design something that balances both a professional and a creative lifestyle for everyone to use. The Paramine take on your daily essential, THE WALLET.

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Special thanks to these amazing backers who supported our campaign:

Nick Accuardi 

Erik Johnson 

Jason Ajimine 

Reed Martin 

Tiffanie Nguyen 

Anthony Caines 

Sarah Elizabeth Holt 

Josep M. Mainat 

Valeria Cosgrove 

Brad Hayashi  Christopher

Balazy  Tristan Kaonohi 

Pierre Garcia 

Brandon Wester 

Wendy Shigeta 

Nicholas Kanno 

Brandon King 

Jake Galves 

Emily Sandoval 

Leina Mizusawa 

Michael Humphrey 

Chao Tsung Liu 

Pouya Rad 

Evan Suemori 

Michael Rinzler 

Trent Geronimo 

Kait Yap 


Mario Manzo 

Paige McKinney 

Jeremy Revlock 

Julia Heseltine 

Paul Shigeta

 Jenna Parks 

Robert Allen 

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Aileen Calletano 

Annie Nguyen 

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Shahzad Arif

 Jerome A. Dennis 

John Roussos 

Dagan Kay 

Julia Kimoto 

Wolfgang Weissinger

Robert Cichy

Gregg  Nicolas Vigier 

Sameez Charania 

Dave Marden 

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Michael Williamson 

The Wallet Collection in Action


What People are saying:


"How does that work! Can you do that again!"


"That's crazy. That is so cool!"



"I need this! Can I buy one right now?!"


We Made a Commercial

FT. Original Prototypes




Paramine Magic Wallet


  • Durable Split Leather

  • 4 exterior Card Slots with 2 Interior Card Slots

  • Magic Cross Elastic Straps

  • Paramine Branding

  • Dimensions: 10.4cm x 7.6cm

Paramine Half Wallet


  • Durable Split Leather

  • 4 Card Slots with Top Pocket

  • Paramine Branding

  • Dimensions: 7.7cm x 10.7cm


Care & Leather

Split Leather: Cowhide leather with a Polyurethane Coating to achieve weather resistant exterior.

water resistant-min.png

Care Information: Please do not wash, iron, or dry clean the wallets. Even though, the wallet's exterior is water resistant that still means your cash, cards, photos, and any other objects inside the wallet will be damaged if fallen into water or any other environment. WE ARE PROVING OUR WALLETS ARE DURABLE :)



Weather Resistant Exterior

Water resistant material that uses a carefully modified leather by adding a nano polyurethane cover for durability wherever or whenever.


Portable for any adventure

We hope to make products that simplify and improve your ability to enjoy every moment.


A Simple and Minimal Design

Our goal is to create performance wallets based on user actions and needs.